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My name is Matilda Janosi (Tilly) and I am a freelance "Sustainable Minded" costume maker/designer based in London, UK.  I work for theatre productions, red carpet events and musicians.  I am also an in-house tailor for a leading luxury fashion company where I am working with 650+ luxury brands. My experience includes design, sketching, flat draw, pattern cutting, alteration and hand finishing.  

I was born and raised in Transylvania where recycling is a way of life. This is one of the major reasons why  "Sustainability" has become my ethos.

My motto is "I love when the fabric has a history". 

I would like to bring sustainability to the movie industry.

 The entertainment industry generates a large amount of waste and I think this must change. I would like to be a major part of this process.

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Press about me....

"The first material she ever worked with was a vinyl record. It was baked in the oven to soften and shape it into the very first TildArt bra! "

Marilyn R. Wilson - Writer

"Matilda was born and grew up in Transylvania where recycling is a way of life.  It is this ethos, combined with her talent, that has driven her to create unique fashion products using recycled materials"

Egle Lenkauskiene

 La Pepa Boutique

"Vegan leather has a slightly fusty, cheap reputation, but Matilda Janosi is about to change all that forever. The London-based designer has just launched new fashion collection that uses upcycled  materials to create some of the sexiest vegan-chic designs we’ve ever seen."

Chere Di Boscio

Eluxe Magazine

"TildArt’s prices reflect the eco luxury moniker it abides by, yet the idea of owning a unique hand-crafted piece of wearable art is priceless to some."

Jamie Duncan 

EcoSalon Magazine

Costumes & Fashion Projects 

Alfonso Arnold Photography0.jpg

Head Piece made from Recycled Film Strips

"I saved the last rolls of film strip from Hungarian Cinema

before they went to digital"

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