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“Tilly Janosi London”, showcased a unique piece in memorial of her Transylvanian grandmother as part of the Prophetik collection.
Matilda’s design for the Beyond the Forest collection has been created from real moss, flowers and contained her grandmother’s handmade fabrics. 
Events in 2022: LFW, GSFW, Transylvanian Private Event

"Spencer" Eco Luxury capsule collection made from recycled vintage curtains and a combination of plant based organic fabrics, such as bamboo silk, cotton, “pinatex” and cork. The curtains were sourced from “Spencer House” where Lady Diana, Winston Churchill and a few British aristocratic families were based. 

Anchor Diana

“VeloLux” collection, which was made from a combination of recycled inner tube and natural fabrics such us wool, natural latex
- inlaid with Swarovski Crystals

Anchor Tube
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